Sunday, March 5, 2006

Ice Skating - First Attempt

Well, This morning was the first attempt at Ice Skating, off we went to the local Ice Rink, paid our money and proceeded downstairs to the skate hire and changing area.

The first real thing I noticed was the cold, yep it's cold at Ice rinks, even though they are indoors.

The next thing was to get some hire skates that fit, we all managed to get a pair, although they did look a bit worn, in hindsight I wish that I had worn more socks.

After getting onto the ice and holding onto the barrier for dear life, I started to drag myself around, after a coupleOxford Ice Rink of circuits, I noticed that my 7 year old daughter was having a great time and was happily skating around, although a little bit shakey, she was doing far better than me.

My wife had also managed to let go of the barrier and skate a little freestyle circle, even though she had no real control, she did look pretty good on the ice.

After a 2 hour session I still had not progressed, although I must admit I did have some fun, by now my feet were covered in blisters and I had lost about 3 stone in weight (well maybe not) with the effort in just staying upright, although I did manage to slip over a couple of times.

Did we all enjoy it enough to come again??

You Bet!

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