Sunday, March 12, 2006

More Skating

Yes Really!!!

Well the blisters from last week have almost healed up, this will be the true test of our daughters enthusiasm, will she or won't she?

Yep, she did, blisters or not, she wanted to go and put skates on again and get on the Ice.

This looks like it could be getting serious.....

I must say that my wife and I are also enjoying our new hobby, our previous hobby was horses, they needed a lot of work and care, and sometime they just didn't want to play!.
With Ice skating however, it's just a case of getting your skates on and having fun.

While ate the Ice rink we noticed a few couples dancing, I said to my wife "I would like to do some simple dancing on ice with you", funnily enough, the same though had entered her head.

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