Saturday, March 18, 2006

Moving Home

Well, after trying to sell our old cottage for nearly 3 years (on and off) we have finally sold it, the next real issue is to find a house in a suitable location, at an affordable price they we all like.

Our Old Cottage

Here is our Old Cottage


We initially found a house in Radley that we liked, however this was the second time we had seen this house, we had previously viewed it a year or so ago when we were looking at property, but my wife had a bad feeling about it and we decided not to go for it, this time however it turned out that my wife's 'bad feeling' was correct, the current vendors have spent over £45k putting the quick makeovers right after the previous occupants.

Although this house in Radley is looking good, and it certainly has the wow factor, as we proceed to purchase, it becomes clear that the 'makeovers' are still not 100% right, we are now at the stage where we are not sure again, and the vendors decide that as our solicitors are insisting on so much paperwork and proof or works etc, that they are going to pull out, never mind, we didn't really need the £1k that we spent on the survey and reports that go along with it.Our New House

Our New House

Well we finally decided to go for our second choice of home,this is best described as an honest house, I mean this in the sense that the current owners have not done much to the property in the way of renovation or decoration in any way in the 15+ years that they have lived in it, therefore we can see exactly what we are buying, the house is plenty big enough for us, and has the potential to have that wow factor in the future, should we decide to do it.

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