Friday, April 28, 2006

First The Fox Trot Now the Dutch Waltz

Finally, we seem to have mastered the novice Fox Trot, now our instructor is teaching us the next dance, the Dutch Waltz, this is a whole lot more complicated, and for this week we will stick to just the first few steps, this dance seems to be more difficult in the Killian hold as there are a number turns.

I'm sure we will eventually crack it, but with plenty of practice.

Our daughter is learning some nice figure skating moves, and doing really well, out of the 3 of us, I'm the only one that still can't skate backwards, I think the difficulty maybe due to a past injury in my left leg, but I will persevere.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Birthday

In our obsession with Ice skating, our daughter has decided that she will have her birthday party at the ice rink!

24 kids on ice, and a few parents too, luckily I have perfected by T-stop, so I can stop and pick up the kids as they fall over, although most of them are pretty stable.

This party is during a public session on a Friday night, so it's a bit hectic on the Ice, all the kids seem to be having fun though.

On Sunday our daughter will be another year older, the ripe old age of 8

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Moving Day

Hooray well at last, we have reached the final day, it's 8:30 am and the removal men have just arrived to load the remaining belongings into the van. It's frightening when you see all you own piled high in a removal van, and realise, that’s what you work hard for!. 

Well as time gets on the lorry gets locked up and the crew head of for lunch, meanwhile we are no homeless, we have dropped the keys through the letter box (after checking countless times that we have not missed anything) and are now on our way to the estate agents where we will sit and wait until we are issued with the keys. As you can guess, the removal men are at our new home before us, there are parked outside while we are still in town .......
waiting for the keys to be released, hopefully we will hassle every body enough so that we get them before the solicitors go off to lunch. 

Phew, got them, now off to the new house to start unpacking. Our daughter is very excited, she loves the new garden as it is full of nooks and crannies that she can explore, as is normal I suppose most of the boxes we are unload seem to be earmarked for the garage, not really surprising as most of them were in the garage of our last house!.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Day Before

Well tomorrow is the day of completion, all seems to be arranged as far as we can tell. For me the most important issues are:

  • Getting the computers up and running and transferred to their new location with the minimum downtime.

  •  Transferring the Broadband connection to the new address and phone number.

  • Closing down the utilities and getting the final meter readings.

  • Noting the new meter reading of our new home.  

And of course generally trying to keep things as well organised as possible bearing in mind the chaos that will undoubtedly arise.

So things are looking up… The removal men are here and are clearing out the house, everything is finally in a cardboard box, all labelled up and marked with its destination. As the removal men leave all we have in the house is:

  • The Television and free view box.

  • The computers (although these are now off) I decided that I would move these in my car rather than risk the unknown of the removal service.

  • 3 canvas chairs that we normally use for sitting on when on a day out somewhere.

  • Beds, we were unwilling to sleep on the floor, even at this stage.  

All that remains is for me to have a glass of wine in front of the telly in something similar to comfort.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Now we have our own skates, there is no stopping

Well in actual fact, we have learnt to stop properly on the Ice, this is using a T-stop, I am getting pretty good at this, I think it's important to stop, weighing in at around 14 stone, the last thing I want to do is flatten a young kid by not being able to stop.

Well our daughters school report was glowing, the skates arrived in time and she tried them on........ooops, maybe it's not such a good idea to buy kids skates from eBay second hand?
So mum had to buy a brand new pair from the Ice rink shop, meanwhile my skates turned from a seller on eBay, I got a great bargain, my wife's were not so great, so they went back on eBay and I pursued another pair using the knowledge that I had now acquired.

The new skates are working well, Our daughter is going great and doing all kinds, while my wife and I are progressing well dancing together and doing the novice Fox Trot

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Still Skating (Suprisingly)

Well we are still going, now we are up to 3 times a week... this is really working wonders for our confidence and our level of skating.

My Wife and I have started to dance the novice Fox Trot, we look pretty good together, even if I do say so myself.

My Daughter is look great on the Ice and more importantly, she is making new friends of her own age at the ice rink, all the kids seem to share their skills and help each other out with their moves.

All that I have to do now is make sure I win the ice skates I'm biffing for on eBay, hopefully with the help of I should be pretty successful.

We have changed out tact slight with regards to our daughters skates for her birthday, as her birthday is a while off, we have decided to see what the school report is like, if it is good she gets the skates, if not she won't.

Her teacher has indicated that she is doing really well at school though, so the skates look promising.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Agree The Date

Well things are moving on (forgive the pun) we now have been re-assured that are buyers have the money (hooray),  we have also been to see the current owner of what is likely to be out new home.

Without the hassle of solicitors, we have agreed what would be good dates to move, we are trying complete contracts before Easter, although this is looking unlikely.

As usual just when you think your safe something always goes wrong....
yep it's the bank this time.....

The story goes a bit like this...

when we first had our mortgage approved, it was based on our first choice of property, this was based in Radley, nr Abingdon, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, it had the wow factor.
When we decided against this property (due to the vendor changing their mind- thankfully) we duly informed the bank, however when it came to the second choice of home we did the usual process, i.e we informed the bank, we arranged a survey and a valuation, the valuation was passed to the bank who of course issued a mortgate offer......
Or did they??????

As it turns out, as well as charging us a £65 admin fee, all they really did was change the address on the original offer and resend it, we of course signed and retuned and expected all to be well.
Just at the process was beginning to get going,  a call came through to me from our solicitor stating that the bank had made an error and we would need to re-apply for our mortgage, of course this information went down the chain to the vendors, who immediatley got on the phone asking why we hadn't arranged funds yet? as we were ready to exchange contracts.

Well you can imagine the chain of events, i call the bank, the bank calls the solicitor, the bank calls me, I call the solicitor, the solicitor calls me etc, eventually after 2 days of stress, it is agreed that the existing offer is still valid.

to coin a well know phrase  "I Don't believe it!".

eventually we managed to agree a date of 19th April

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Well Now getting Good

Well some are and some aren't....

My daughter is doing really well at Ice skating, she has learnt how to skate confidently and can do some neat tricks too, a spin, skating low down to the ice in a crouch position.. Oh and she's learnt how to do the first basic dance, the novice Fox Trot.

The Oxford Ice rink has a dance break during the public session on a Sunday morning, it's only 15 minutes, so no one is really bothered by it, some may even welcome the break, but it does give the Oxford Ice Dance Club a chance to show off, and off course they welcome beginners onto the ice to try the novice Fox Trot.

My Daughters face light up when her teacher asked her to join in with the novice Fox Trot, so off she went while mum and dad stood at the barrier and watched.