Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Agree The Date

Well things are moving on (forgive the pun) we now have been re-assured that are buyers have the money (hooray),  we have also been to see the current owner of what is likely to be out new home.

Without the hassle of solicitors, we have agreed what would be good dates to move, we are trying complete contracts before Easter, although this is looking unlikely.

As usual just when you think your safe something always goes wrong....
yep it's the bank this time.....

The story goes a bit like this...

when we first had our mortgage approved, it was based on our first choice of property, this was based in Radley, nr Abingdon, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, it had the wow factor.
When we decided against this property (due to the vendor changing their mind- thankfully) we duly informed the bank, however when it came to the second choice of home we did the usual process, i.e we informed the bank, we arranged a survey and a valuation, the valuation was passed to the bank who of course issued a mortgate offer......
Or did they??????

As it turns out, as well as charging us a £65 admin fee, all they really did was change the address on the original offer and resend it, we of course signed and retuned and expected all to be well.
Just at the process was beginning to get going,  a call came through to me from our solicitor stating that the bank had made an error and we would need to re-apply for our mortgage, of course this information went down the chain to the vendors, who immediatley got on the phone asking why we hadn't arranged funds yet? as we were ready to exchange contracts.

Well you can imagine the chain of events, i call the bank, the bank calls the solicitor, the bank calls me, I call the solicitor, the solicitor calls me etc, eventually after 2 days of stress, it is agreed that the existing offer is still valid.

to coin a well know phrase  "I Don't believe it!".

eventually we managed to agree a date of 19th April

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