Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Day Before

Well tomorrow is the day of completion, all seems to be arranged as far as we can tell. For me the most important issues are:

  • Getting the computers up and running and transferred to their new location with the minimum downtime.

  •  Transferring the Broadband connection to the new address and phone number.

  • Closing down the utilities and getting the final meter readings.

  • Noting the new meter reading of our new home.  

And of course generally trying to keep things as well organised as possible bearing in mind the chaos that will undoubtedly arise.

So things are looking up… The removal men are here and are clearing out the house, everything is finally in a cardboard box, all labelled up and marked with its destination. As the removal men leave all we have in the house is:

  • The Television and free view box.

  • The computers (although these are now off) I decided that I would move these in my car rather than risk the unknown of the removal service.

  • 3 canvas chairs that we normally use for sitting on when on a day out somewhere.

  • Beds, we were unwilling to sleep on the floor, even at this stage.  

All that remains is for me to have a glass of wine in front of the telly in something similar to comfort.

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