Friday, April 14, 2006

Now we have our own skates, there is no stopping

Well in actual fact, we have learnt to stop properly on the Ice, this is using a T-stop, I am getting pretty good at this, I think it's important to stop, weighing in at around 14 stone, the last thing I want to do is flatten a young kid by not being able to stop.

Well our daughters school report was glowing, the skates arrived in time and she tried them on........ooops, maybe it's not such a good idea to buy kids skates from eBay second hand?
So mum had to buy a brand new pair from the Ice rink shop, meanwhile my skates turned from a seller on eBay, I got a great bargain, my wife's were not so great, so they went back on eBay and I pursued another pair using the knowledge that I had now acquired.

The new skates are working well, Our daughter is going great and doing all kinds, while my wife and I are progressing well dancing together and doing the novice Fox Trot

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