Sunday, April 9, 2006

Still Skating (Suprisingly)

Well we are still going, now we are up to 3 times a week... this is really working wonders for our confidence and our level of skating.

My Wife and I have started to dance the novice Fox Trot, we look pretty good together, even if I do say so myself.

My Daughter is look great on the Ice and more importantly, she is making new friends of her own age at the ice rink, all the kids seem to share their skills and help each other out with their moves.

All that I have to do now is make sure I win the ice skates I'm biffing for on eBay, hopefully with the help of I should be pretty successful.

We have changed out tact slight with regards to our daughters skates for her birthday, as her birthday is a while off, we have decided to see what the school report is like, if it is good she gets the skates, if not she won't.

Her teacher has indicated that she is doing really well at school though, so the skates look promising.

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