Sunday, April 2, 2006

Well Now getting Good

Well some are and some aren't....

My daughter is doing really well at Ice skating, she has learnt how to skate confidently and can do some neat tricks too, a spin, skating low down to the ice in a crouch position.. Oh and she's learnt how to do the first basic dance, the novice Fox Trot.

The Oxford Ice rink has a dance break during the public session on a Sunday morning, it's only 15 minutes, so no one is really bothered by it, some may even welcome the break, but it does give the Oxford Ice Dance Club a chance to show off, and off course they welcome beginners onto the ice to try the novice Fox Trot.

My Daughters face light up when her teacher asked her to join in with the novice Fox Trot, so off she went while mum and dad stood at the barrier and watched.

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