Wednesday, May 31, 2006

First checkup since the op!

A Typical X-ray of a Repaired HipAlthough the X-ray to the right is not me, it is similar in the injury I sustained and the repair work the surgeons have carried out.My first appointment was at 4 pm, I am still being treated privately, but of course the doctors use the facilities of the NHS ?, it was strange turning up to the out patients unit to find just a few people waiting to be seen, these were also private patents.

as I looked around , I noticed that everything was deserted, there was no reception staff, no nurses, in fact the only person about was the consultant I was to see. it did make me think about all we hear in the new about NHS inefficiency???.

Anyway the consultant had to find a radiologist to x-ray me before he could see me, the x-ray to the right is what we saw, so far the bone growth is as expected for four weeks post op, I still have to keep weight of my left leg, and this is likely to be a total of 3 months, my next appointment is in four weeks.

A Good description of my injury can be found here

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blocked Drains

Since we moved in my wife has complained of a funny smell, we couldn't identify it at first but it smelt like it could be coming from the drains.

One of the things that the survey on this property picked up on was that there was a large number (more than usual) of drain covers. as it is a bank holiday weekend, we used the time to lift the drain covers, sure as anything, they were blocked.

Luckily they were not so bad that they were backing up yet, so we started to get the rods out, eventually we identified the source of the blockage, yep it was the old woman next door, where we have private drains connected up before meeting the main sewer, we discovered that that was the cause of the blockage (not the old lady stuck in the drain, but some of her waste).

We got the rods going through the drains, and went round next door and rodded here drains too, before we new it all drains were clean as a whistle and we promptly disinfected them and replaced the covers. Not a pleasant job, but one that need to be done every once in a while.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Our Daughters Bedroom Carpet

The carpet in our daughters bedroom has always been a bit rough looking, however it was begining to get on our nerves, before i broke my hip i was planning on taking it up and laying a wooden floor with a few well placed rugs, unfortunately that plan is on hold.

Or is it......

Today my wife got so fed up with i, that after collecting me from Physio she got stuck into the carpet, with a trusty Stanley knife, she ripped up the carpet piece by piece.

After a couple of hours the carpet was in plastic bags ready for the bin men (if they will take it), in the mean time we will cover the floor with rugs, while we decide how and what we will do as a final solution.

PhysioTherapy assesment

Today i had my Physiotherapy assessment, after all the hassle of trying to organise a private physiotherapist that was not running a makeshift clinic in their home, i finally manged to see the private clinic at the Nuffield Hospital.

After having my assessment, it turn out that there is not too much i can do until I'm allowed to weight bear on my broken leg, this wont be for another 3 weeks yet, but in the mean time they have given me plenty of excersises to do to prevent all my leg muscles from wasting away.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Double Glazing - Fit the best (as they say)

After the last double glazing salesmen left, we decided that we would look at alternatives, so coincidentally, we had a card through the door from Everest. offering a 30% discount.

so we called the man, and he came to see us at 12:30 today.

Unlike the last chap we saw, this gut was well dressed, well groomed and polite and pleasant, so we offered him a coffee and got on with the sales pitch, I was quite impressed when we started asking about windows and styles, when he went out to his car, grabbed a window and brought it in for us to see. we could examine it ask questions etc, he also had a cut out section that showed us the internal make up.

As with the last salesman, we went around the house measuring up, and discussing styles, number of openings etc, after a while the salesman sat down and started working things out, after mumbling a few very frightening figures he started applying the discount, these were good...

  • 30% special offer

  • 10% home account offer

  • 15% flexibility offer

by the time he had finished we had a price no to far away from the price the local company had quoted, and this was Everest, so we started talking guarantees, this is what he offered.

  • Windows Seals Lifetime Guarantee (65 years)

  • UPVC discolouration 20 Years

  • windows in general 20 years

  • Installation guarantee that there will be no interior or exterior damage during the fitting

  • No mastic filler

All in all sounded pretty good, the guarantee's were twice as long as the local company offered, so we signed up there and then and paid our deposit, all we need to do now is wait and see if they are as good as their word.

On that subject, the payment options are very good, although we have paid a deposit of 10%, we don't pat anymore until 1 month after the installation, then we pay

  • 5 months at £250

  • 1 month 80% of the total

  • 5 months £250 (this is paid with the cash back we get as part of the deal too)

With this option, we are not paying any real money until we have had the windows for 6 months, so by then we will know if we are happy and satisfied customers or not, so not happy then not pay.... the incentive is with them.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Green Bin Too

Well today is what must really be called bin day, not only have we had a brown bin delivered, but we have also had a green bin, The Green recycling Boxthis is not the standard wheelie bin though, this is for the other recycling bit and is bin days are really confusing, once I've got round what bin takes what rubbish, I then have to work out what bin gets emptied on what day of the week, then just to make things worse, the brown bin only gets emptied every 2 weeks (yep and I pay for the privilege), now did they come last week or not???? 

What I'm Selling on eBay

You mght have heard about eBay, well I am a big fan of eBay and I have been selling "bits and bobs" on it for a couple of years now, I basically sell anything that I (or my daughter) no longer want.

Above you can see what (if anything) I am currently listing on eBay please feel free to place a bid should anything catch your eye, I can always be emailed directly if you have any questions.



Brown Bin Arrived

Brown Bin, So Aptly named as we pay for it!!Today we got the arrival of our brown bin, this is a scheme operated by our local council The Vale of White Horse, the scheme is supposedly set to encourage recycling and be environmentally friendly.the CatchWe have to pay an additional £29 per year for the brown bin, we can now put allsorts of rubbish in the brown bin, that previously we would have put in our normal rubbish bags.I personally felt that this is just another gorgon Brown Tax, but my wife likes the idea, so anything for a peaceful life.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Double Glazing (1st Rep)

We have decided to get a couple of quotes for double glazing, just to see how much it will cost us, we have a budget in mind but we are not going to tell the double glazing salesman what it is.We spoke to the first company, this a local company that we stumbled across while wondering around a garden centre.At the garden centre they have a range of conservatories built with just about every kind of door and window you could imagine, they even have a cut out windows so you can see the make up of the frame.very impressive, shame about the salesman...

so the appointment was kept, at about 10:30 am the doorbell rang and this salesman was at the door, he was slightly over weight, he had hair combed back and covered in some kind of grease or brilcream, his clothes were a bit worn and tired looking, he certainly wasn't the worlds best dressed salesman.

overall he looked like a man you would not leave your kids with..

anyway not to judge a book by its cover we let him get on with his sales pitch, we made him a coffee and proceeded through the niceties, maybe we were wrong with our first impression (my wife did not like the look of him).

we eventually went round looking at all our windows and doors, measuring them up and discussing styles of window, openings etc ate each one, as we sat back down again the salesman had enough information to work out an almost exact price.

well it was nit as much as we expected, so we asked the usual questions about guarantees etc, they seemed a bit shorter than we expected, so we started asking some more questions, like "What are the different hinge options" and "What are the locking mechanisms" we also asked if he had any technical information about what the windows were, how they were made up etc, at this point he seemed a bit worried and reluctant to give us any information, he seemed to think we would be happy parting with nearly £15k and only having a 2 hour chat with him to show for it ? I don't think so....

he kept throwing down a challenge to me when ever I asked him a difficult question, he replied with "if your not entirely confident, then don't place an order" hmm I thought a challenge worth taking him up on.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Back at the Rink

Sunday morning is normally an ice skating morning, in fact normally Saturday and Sunday mornings are for Ice Skating, but for some reason, yesterday our daughter decided she did not want to go, not sure why.So this morning first thing we asked our daughter if she wanted to go ? her reply was somewhat surprising, "I don't want to go until dad can get back on the ice.".After explaining that this could be sometime, but I would certainly sit at the edge of the ice rink and mum (my wife) would get on the ice with her, I think sometimes it can be a bit boring if none of her friends are at the ice rink, there is only so much an eight year can do one her own, being eight and having lessons, she still wants to have fun apart from practicing her newly learnt skills.

I may have explained in an earlier post that we normally go to the public session on a Sunday, but after that the ice is resurfaced and the Oxford Ice Skating club run a session for it's members between the morning public session and the afternoon public session, as it was at the Club session where I had my Recent injury, a number of the other members have been asking how I am, they have also expressed their displeasure that time the ambulance took to arrive and then the attitude of the paramedic that refused to step onto the ice rink.

When entering the ice rink this morning and paying for our daughters lesson, the cashier guessed I wasn't skating (must be the crutches that give it away), he asked how I had injured my self, I informed him it was here. "Ahh" he said "you must be the broken hip", "Yep that's me", he proceeded to inform me that the Ice rink has now changed their emergency procedures and have provided a pair if spiked over shoes, so that the paramedic's can step onto the ice in the future without fear of slipping over, apparently this has now been documented in details so there can no confusion in the future, I really hope that it is not me or my family that test this new procedure out!!, but then again this sport can be a bit dangerous so im sure it will be tested fairly soon, way before I'm back on the ice.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sense At Last

This morning I received a call from the private section of the physiotherapy department at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre.

They can fit me in with an appointment next Friday 26th, at last, this looks like it might even be a proper assessment.

Although I do have to go through the spiel of what happened to me and what's been done, it's really quite worrying that so much is based around the patents non medical opinion!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Don't Believe It !

off I went to see the Physiotherapist...

I followed the directions she gave me, and got my wife to drive me there, we navigated around town and took this little side road, down we went to an old courtyard, with an old cottage.

Hmm, I thought to myself, this does not look very clinical?

I wandered down a typical cottage garden path, and an elderly lady came out asking if I was looking for physiotherapy (the crutches are a give away), I say she was elderly, she was definitely retired.

Taking one look at me the first question she asked was "Can you get up stairs", luckily being confident on crutches, I could, however I was not expecting to have to dodge around a 300 year old cottage, clime a spiral staircase with high risers and narrow treads to get to the treatment room, not exactly what you expect for a physiotherapist!.

So puffed out and a bit concerned, I sat down, she took away my crutches and asked what was wrong with me, I gave her the usual information.

  • Name of consultant

  • How my injury had happened

  • What had been done to fix my injury

This is when the physiotherapist looked at me and told me that she did not feel able to treat me as she hadn't treated a broken hip for some time (if only she could have told me that yesterday on the phone).

she did however have a friend she could refer me too, I took her details, while she phone her friend to pass on my details, again I had to confirm what my injury was, who my consultant was etc.

This woman was a lovely lady, I'm sure, although I was thankful that she could not treat me, she hadn't inspired confidence so far.

so off home I went to start the process off again, a call to PPP to get a list of approved Physiotherapists, this time I asked for names of Physiotherapist that were registered at one of the oxford Hospitals, rather than a private address.

I have left a message with the Nuffield Hospital Physiotherapy department private section, to call me, hopefully they will return my call as I would rather receive my treatment at a hospital rather than someone's lounge.

meanwhile the Colleague of the retired Physiotherapist has called me, I have been honest and explained my situation and preference to be treated at a proper clinic, not wishing to burn my bridges I have left it so that if I don't get a call from the Nuffield, I will call her back.

About Me

This is my first attempt at blogging, so you may need to be a bit patent with me.

I am an IT professional, working in IT for most of my Working career in one form or another, I currently work for a company in Oxfordshire, where I run the IT department.

My job has for a long time been technically "Hands off", although I do try to keep my own personal skills and technical knowledge up-to date by running my own network at home.

I also do crazy thinks like setting up a mail server, running this blog site and the occasional website development for close friends and family, on occasions I may even host their email and web sites for them, of course this allows me to keep technically aware, a useful part of my own career.

At home, I am pretty much a family man, I am married with one daughter aged 8 years old (at time of writing).

I have been married for 10 years and I am very happy, we are a typical family living in the south east of England, life is a struggle and we pay far too much tax etc.

About my blog

Although I am a great fan of the internet, I am also very aware that some of the people that use it are not as pleasant as we would all like, therefore you will notice in my blog that I will not publish any personal photo's or names of anyone related to me, therefore the only people who may recognise them will already be close friends.

Feel free to comment on my blogs, I will try to keep them as factual and humorous as possible.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Select a Physiotherapist!

I am now on the search for a Physiotherapist, I have called PPP and asked them for a list of approved names, they give me three to start with, the first two I call have no answer, or I get the option to leave a message with the BT 157 answer service?

this sounds like a private residence to me? but if its approved it must be ok.

The third number I call answer, I duly describe my injury, and arrange an appointment for the 18th May, I then describe my injury again (maybe she forgot).

Now all I have to do is call PPP to inform them of my selected Physiotherapist, and leave a message on my consultants answer machine (I know the phone wont be answered).

More confusion

While on ward 3a at the JR hospital, although I had expressed a wish to be treated privately, all seemed to go through the NHS.

This was ok at the time, however as I was finally transferred to private care at the last minute, all of my future treatment has been arranged on the NHS, I would actually prefer (as I pay for it) for my treatment to be private.

This means I have to try and get hold of my consultant and confirm a few things, this has taken 2 days. what I need to confirming is the following:

  • should I seek private physiotherapy or take physiotherapy on the NHS (I have had experience of this before and was not overly impressed)

  • which appoints should I keep and which should I cancel ?

  • Although I have been signed off work for 6 weeks, bearing in mind I have a desk job, can I work part time ?

Well the Physiotherapy question is fairly simple, all I have to do is cancel any NHS appointments, call PPP and get a list of approved physiotherapists, then make a few calls, inform everybody of the chosen physio and start the treatment.

In terms of appointments, that's too difficult to solve over the phone, when I see my consultant for x-rays in a couple of weeks, I'll take all appointment cards and ask him which I honour and which I cancel.

The working question was fairly straight forward, the answer is yes as long as I don't drive, put any weight on my leg or do anything that could affect my injury, this is more about being sensible than anything else.

I have a very good working relationship with my boss, and have agreed to work what I feel comfortable with, no one wants to take any risks, so I will work from home where possible and visit the office once or twice a week, providing I can get a lift in etc.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The day to go home

So Thursday has arrived, I had a much better night's rest last night up here on ward 5C.

When the consultant came round this morning he gave me the option of going home if I felt comfortable, or staying in hospital for a further day.

I opted to go home, I had had enough of hospitals by now and all I wanted was some home comforts.

My wife collected me in the afternoon after doing the school run, so I had an excited daughter as well.

as we got into the car, the boot decided it would not close, so we had to drive back from oxford with the boot open, luckily the boot lid is heavy enough to hold it down even on he bumpiest roads.

a quick call to the fleet management company and that will be sorted, the car is due for a service next week anyway.

I left the hospital with a bag full of drugs, a couple of dressings, a letter for my GP, a letter for the district nurse, and some confusion over the paperwork that the medical insurance company requires.

things aren't helped that much by the Philippine nurse on the ward, although very capable and very caring and obviously good at her job, it was difficult to understand what she was saying most of the time, this invariably ended up with some smiling and nodding, but in actual fact some hidden frustration.

I finally got home, it's at times like this a feel luck to have sushi wonderful family surrounding me, my wife has been an absolute angel, I could not have wished for better care and understanding.

My daughter also surprised me, for an 8 year old, she has shown remarkable empathy and consideration towards me.

I must say, she does get a buzz out of adjusting my crutches down to her size, and then flying round the house on them, only occasionally does she forget that I need them to get around :-)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Organiser

While I have been temporarily incapacitated, my wife has been running around trying to do all the things she normally does, look after me and arrange all the things we need to do quickly in our new home.

So far she has managed to get British Gas out to look at the heating system, they are going to remove the old boiler and fit a new one, apparently it can't go in the same place as the old one due to new legislation (the old one is vented through a chimney, and now the must be vented through an external wall).

While they are at it they are also going to sort out a couple of the problem radiators we have, including one with a leak, change the hot water tank and then insure our system for the rest of our lives.

Problem Wall Lightthe only problem we have to sort out in advance is that we have a wall light in the kitchen which just so happens to be in the exact spot where the new boiler is going to go.

The new boiler will also have a proper time clock on it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Private or NHS

I have a benefit at work that entitles me to private medical care, although this is a benefit, I am taxed heavily for it, this is over and above the normal tax I pay as do the rest of the working population in the UK.

although I had, and my wife had expressed the wish to be treated privately, there seemed to be some resistance to this, I'm not sure where this came from, but I would have thought with the NHS in the state it's in they would be glad to get rid of me, in actual fact they were keen to discharge me, but not treat me privately.

I was a bit out of touch in hospital, relying on my wife to visit me around the school run and her own work, but she was still managing to chase up consultants, insurance companies, consultants secretaries (that never seem to return your calls) to get me transferred, she did actually find a bed in another local private hospital that was keen for me to transfer, all that was required... was to get my consultant to transfer me.

I stayed on ward 3a from the Sunday night through to the Wednesday afternoon, on Tuesday I was moved out of the side room back into a 4 bed ward.

By the Wednesday I was receiving physiotherapy, the bare minimum to ensure that I was safe to be let home, it seems to be normal practice that once you can get up and down a flight of stairs on crutches safely, you can be sent home, luckily due to an injury approx 20 years ago, I had some previous experience on crutches, and just like riding a bike, it's one of those skill you cant forget.

do by Wednesday I was ready to go home...... or was I?

it seemed that everyone was so impressed with my agility on crutches, they had overlooked that fact that the surgeon had carved a great big hole in my leg while he did his DIY on my bones.

going home on Wednesday was not out of the question as I still had an open wound. however at this point they seemed keen to transfer to a private ward and I was eventually whisked up to ward 5C.

Monday, May 8, 2006

Ward 3a

I was now on Ward 3a of the John Radcliffe Hospital.

I was hooked up to morphine on tap, a great invention when it works, during the night the alarm went off on my supply and it stopped supplying me, I had no idea what this bleeping noise was, other than the fact that it was rather annoying, I was still a bit high, but the morphine was wearing off and the pain was getting stronger, I did wonder if there was a connection between the noise and the increase in pain.

I had a few nurses walk past my side room (bearing in mind their rest room was opposite) throughout the night, all of them experienced enough to recognise the sound of failing equipment.

eventually I managed to get the attention of a nurse who looked at it agreed it was not working and then went away, about 30 mins later a more senior nurse arrived to turn of the alarm, fix the problem and return my supply of morphine back to a working condition.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Post Op

I'm not sure what time I got out of theatre and recovery, but it was late, by the time I was put on the ward the night staff had arrived and taken over.

I work for a company that offers Private healthcare, bearing this in mind I and my wife had enquired about this in A & E and informed doctors and staff.

They didn't seem that interested though and said all that can be sorted out later.

The first night on the ward was terrible...

I had not eaten since midday, and only then a small snack, as we were at the ice skating rink, our intention was to eat well later on, this did not happen for me.

After I was placed on the ward, by now about 10 pm, one nurse asked if I would like a sandwich box as I had missed all the meals, by now I was ready to eat my pillow.

The noise on the ward was terrible, there were some very Ill geriatrics on the ward that were making sure they got the nursing staffs attention.

me however, I had this magic little button connected to me, all I had to do was press it and I got a dose of morphine, I was hungry but actually very sleepy, and on a different planet.

The nursing staff obviously felt I needed more rest and promptly moved me into one of the side rooms on the ward, here I was forgotten about until about 2 am, when I finally got my sandwich.

Some friendly faces

By now I'm back in a treatment room in A & E, every so often I see someone walk past, occasionally I think they are coming to see me, but I'm wrong.

Suddenly I hear a friendly voice, it's my wife and daughter, strangely, the recognise me by the fact that my foot is sticking out of the treatment room, and the sock is a dead giveaway.

They immediately enter and bring I smile to my face, I inform my wife of the bad news, we had both hoped my injury was a dislocation and after a few pushes, pulls tweaks and shouts of pain, I would be on my way home, however this is not the case.

Now the doctor is in, she is very friendly, and gets on well with my daughter, showing her my X-ray and explaining what's wrong, at the same time I nurse comes in and puts a needle in my hand, takes some blood and then attaches a syringe full of morphine into it, asking me to tell here when I stop feeling pain.

Now I got pretty high on that stuff, needless to say I required the whole syringe full.

the doctors started talking serious now and explained that I need surgery immediately, I was already on the list and before I knew it I was being prepared for theatre.

The explanation I had was that the fracture I incurred was at the neck of the femur, this part of the bone required a blood supply, if the blood supply is damaged, the neck will crumble in time, leaving needing a hip replacement, at my age(41) this is best avoided as I could end up having lots of them.

This is suddenly very serious and we are all hoping things go well in theatre.

My family leave now and go home to inform relatives and colleagues of my situation, meantime, I'm going down to enjoy some free drugs while it's legal!!!!

The X-Ray

A Porter came along to my treatment bay and promptly wheeled me to the X-ray department, I lay in the corridor for I while with just a sheet, a pair of boxer shorts and a sock (the nurses had missed it in their excitement).

After a short wait (the gas is wearing off a bit now) I was wheeled into the X-ray room so that I could be moved from one bed to another, this was done with expert precision and very little fuss or pain.

The Nurse taking the x-rays was very efficient, getting me in the right position, and at one point even placing a chair on the bed to rest my good leg on so she could get a clear X-ray (that's what she said anyway) from the inside of my hip.

Then the bad news....

"Its broken"

Then the really bad news

"Its broken badly"

The Nurse then explained that this was an injury common in old people, it is early to say, and not being a doctor, she was not qualified, but suspected that it would either be a screw through the bone or a prosthetic hip.

I was placed back on the original trolley and wheeled outside to wait for the friendly porter to wheel me back to A & E.

Good paramedic bad paramedic

I eventually arrived in the A & E department, by now I was cold, wet a little bit high, and shaking all over, I felt every right turn the ambulance made on the way (the bad paramedic was driving and not very well), but luckily I had good paramedic in the back with me, had it bee the other way round, I would have expected a smoother ride, but less gas.

as I was wheeled in to A & E the bad paramedic just seemed to find things to moan at, the examination compartments were too small, there was too much equipment on the wall an in the way.

I think he should really consider his career...

After a short while I saw a couple of nurses who were quick to get my wet clothes off me. this was painful, but somehow I managed to put up with it:-).

Next thing was for the doctor to send me of for an X-ray.

Oops ----- A slight Slip (or more)

Well it is inevitable I suppose.

We have all been getting on so well with our Ice skating that we wanted more, after the Sunday morning public session there is the Oxford Ice Skating Club (OXIST).

We have been umming and erring about whether to join this club or not and have got chatting to a few of the people that are in it and run it, they all seem very friendly, and the added benefit is that the Ice is not so busy during the club session.

We have decided to try the club out as guests for a few weeks and make sure that it is not too much for our daughter.

Well it was may the 7th, it was the club session (we had gone as guests), I had warmed up nicely during the public session and felt confident practicing the Dutch waltz with my wife.

We had got some help with the Dutch Waltz from a more experienced skater in the club, but we had noticed that when we skated the Novice Fox Trot, our position on the Ice was not right, so one of the other more experienced skaters offer to show us the correct position, off we went following her around the ice when......


Something had gone wrong.. My wife and I had ended up sat on the Ice, both asking if each other was ok, Im not sure how I got there?
I tried to stand up and realised that something was not right, so I immediately sat back down.

A few people gathered round to see if I was ok, and one of the Ice stewards offered first aid, I of course took up the offer.
I could see that something was not right with my left leg (obviously you may be thinking), but its position was not normal, even for my leg with it's past injuries (many years ago on a motor bike, but that's another blog).

My immediate thought was a dislocation as I was not in a huge amount of pain, anyway the Ice rink manager called for an ambulance.
In the Meantime I relaxed as much as I could on the Ice with my Wife and the Ice rink manage comforting me.

30 Minutes later the ambulance arrived, by now I was cold and shivering and stuck to the ice!, the adrenalin had worn of and the ice was luckily numbing me enough to stop me feeling any real long as I didn't move!!!

When the paramedics saw me they must of thought "heyup that stuff is slippery", I say that as one of the paramedics refused to step onto the Ice to examine me, my wife was not impressed with this and proceeded to play the protective wife and defend my right to be cared for.
The smaller (and nicer) paramedic was eventually persuaded to step onto the Ice and examine me, at this point the only diagnosis was my own, that of a possible dislocated hip.

I must be pretty convincing as everyone believed it to be the case, anyway eventually the paramedic (the nice one) aided by my wife, the ice rink manager, my own right arm and a couple of the Ice Coaches, lifted me up onto the Ice Rinks stretcher, I was then wheeled to the edge of the ice rink by one of the coaches who could skate backwards really well.

The lift up did hurt a bit, that's when I was really sure this was serious.

Next I had to be moved onto the paramedics stretcher, now I was off the ice I had the use of both paramedics to aid me, the paramedic that refused to step onto the ice kept on wanting to have a moan at the ice rink manager, who so far had only followed instructions from the ambulance service off "Don't move the patent".

Next I was in the back of the ambulance inhaling some really good gas and on my way to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Friday, May 5, 2006

DIY General

When we bought this house we knew we were going to have to spend some money, there are a number of areas that are absolutely essential and cannot be avoided, these are

  • Double Glazing

  • Boiler & Heating system

  • Bathrooms and ensuites

  • Kitchen

  • Double Glazing

The house still has the original windows, bearing in mind the house was built in 1971 (I think) they have done pretty well so far there are no real sign of the hardwood surround rotting, but we do get a little bit of noise from outside, but as that is mainly birds singing, we cant really complain.

Boiler & heating

Old BoilerThe boiler looks like it is about 50 years older than the house ! when we bought the house they told us the system was working, although there were no guarantees for the system.

When the survey was carried out it was also clear that the house was warm so there should be no problems, but just a single look at the system showed it was in need of updating.

on the day we moved in we tried to adjust the clock timing's for when the heating came on and went off, that's when we realised that the time clock just spun around... Time Clock Just spins roundyep we had to have all or nothing heating...

Bathrooms and ensuites

These were definitely dated, although they were unsightly and fashionable a long time ago, they are functional and therefore worthy of being put somewhere near the bottom of the priority list.


The kitchen is a very nice Schreiber kitchen, when I say nice I meant that in the sense that it probably was nice in the 80's, but now it is dated and in need of replacement, again apart from the cooker it is functional and can therefore wait a while.