Sunday, May 21, 2006

Back at the Rink

Sunday morning is normally an ice skating morning, in fact normally Saturday and Sunday mornings are for Ice Skating, but for some reason, yesterday our daughter decided she did not want to go, not sure why.So this morning first thing we asked our daughter if she wanted to go ? her reply was somewhat surprising, "I don't want to go until dad can get back on the ice.".After explaining that this could be sometime, but I would certainly sit at the edge of the ice rink and mum (my wife) would get on the ice with her, I think sometimes it can be a bit boring if none of her friends are at the ice rink, there is only so much an eight year can do one her own, being eight and having lessons, she still wants to have fun apart from practicing her newly learnt skills.

I may have explained in an earlier post that we normally go to the public session on a Sunday, but after that the ice is resurfaced and the Oxford Ice Skating club run a session for it's members between the morning public session and the afternoon public session, as it was at the Club session where I had my Recent injury, a number of the other members have been asking how I am, they have also expressed their displeasure that time the ambulance took to arrive and then the attitude of the paramedic that refused to step onto the ice rink.

When entering the ice rink this morning and paying for our daughters lesson, the cashier guessed I wasn't skating (must be the crutches that give it away), he asked how I had injured my self, I informed him it was here. "Ahh" he said "you must be the broken hip", "Yep that's me", he proceeded to inform me that the Ice rink has now changed their emergency procedures and have provided a pair if spiked over shoes, so that the paramedic's can step onto the ice in the future without fear of slipping over, apparently this has now been documented in details so there can no confusion in the future, I really hope that it is not me or my family that test this new procedure out!!, but then again this sport can be a bit dangerous so im sure it will be tested fairly soon, way before I'm back on the ice.

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