Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blocked Drains

Since we moved in my wife has complained of a funny smell, we couldn't identify it at first but it smelt like it could be coming from the drains.

One of the things that the survey on this property picked up on was that there was a large number (more than usual) of drain covers. as it is a bank holiday weekend, we used the time to lift the drain covers, sure as anything, they were blocked.

Luckily they were not so bad that they were backing up yet, so we started to get the rods out, eventually we identified the source of the blockage, yep it was the old woman next door, where we have private drains connected up before meeting the main sewer, we discovered that that was the cause of the blockage (not the old lady stuck in the drain, but some of her waste).

We got the rods going through the drains, and went round next door and rodded here drains too, before we new it all drains were clean as a whistle and we promptly disinfected them and replaced the covers. Not a pleasant job, but one that need to be done every once in a while.

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