Friday, May 12, 2006

The day to go home

So Thursday has arrived, I had a much better night's rest last night up here on ward 5C.

When the consultant came round this morning he gave me the option of going home if I felt comfortable, or staying in hospital for a further day.

I opted to go home, I had had enough of hospitals by now and all I wanted was some home comforts.

My wife collected me in the afternoon after doing the school run, so I had an excited daughter as well.

as we got into the car, the boot decided it would not close, so we had to drive back from oxford with the boot open, luckily the boot lid is heavy enough to hold it down even on he bumpiest roads.

a quick call to the fleet management company and that will be sorted, the car is due for a service next week anyway.

I left the hospital with a bag full of drugs, a couple of dressings, a letter for my GP, a letter for the district nurse, and some confusion over the paperwork that the medical insurance company requires.

things aren't helped that much by the Philippine nurse on the ward, although very capable and very caring and obviously good at her job, it was difficult to understand what she was saying most of the time, this invariably ended up with some smiling and nodding, but in actual fact some hidden frustration.

I finally got home, it's at times like this a feel luck to have sushi wonderful family surrounding me, my wife has been an absolute angel, I could not have wished for better care and understanding.

My daughter also surprised me, for an 8 year old, she has shown remarkable empathy and consideration towards me.

I must say, she does get a buzz out of adjusting my crutches down to her size, and then flying round the house on them, only occasionally does she forget that I need them to get around :-)

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