Friday, May 5, 2006

DIY General

When we bought this house we knew we were going to have to spend some money, there are a number of areas that are absolutely essential and cannot be avoided, these are

  • Double Glazing

  • Boiler & Heating system

  • Bathrooms and ensuites

  • Kitchen

  • Double Glazing

The house still has the original windows, bearing in mind the house was built in 1971 (I think) they have done pretty well so far there are no real sign of the hardwood surround rotting, but we do get a little bit of noise from outside, but as that is mainly birds singing, we cant really complain.

Boiler & heating

Old BoilerThe boiler looks like it is about 50 years older than the house ! when we bought the house they told us the system was working, although there were no guarantees for the system.

When the survey was carried out it was also clear that the house was warm so there should be no problems, but just a single look at the system showed it was in need of updating.

on the day we moved in we tried to adjust the clock timing's for when the heating came on and went off, that's when we realised that the time clock just spun around... Time Clock Just spins roundyep we had to have all or nothing heating...

Bathrooms and ensuites

These were definitely dated, although they were unsightly and fashionable a long time ago, they are functional and therefore worthy of being put somewhere near the bottom of the priority list.


The kitchen is a very nice Schreiber kitchen, when I say nice I meant that in the sense that it probably was nice in the 80's, but now it is dated and in need of replacement, again apart from the cooker it is functional and can therefore wait a while.

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