Monday, May 22, 2006

Double Glazing (1st Rep)

We have decided to get a couple of quotes for double glazing, just to see how much it will cost us, we have a budget in mind but we are not going to tell the double glazing salesman what it is.We spoke to the first company, this a local company that we stumbled across while wondering around a garden centre.At the garden centre they have a range of conservatories built with just about every kind of door and window you could imagine, they even have a cut out windows so you can see the make up of the frame.very impressive, shame about the salesman...

so the appointment was kept, at about 10:30 am the doorbell rang and this salesman was at the door, he was slightly over weight, he had hair combed back and covered in some kind of grease or brilcream, his clothes were a bit worn and tired looking, he certainly wasn't the worlds best dressed salesman.

overall he looked like a man you would not leave your kids with..

anyway not to judge a book by its cover we let him get on with his sales pitch, we made him a coffee and proceeded through the niceties, maybe we were wrong with our first impression (my wife did not like the look of him).

we eventually went round looking at all our windows and doors, measuring them up and discussing styles of window, openings etc ate each one, as we sat back down again the salesman had enough information to work out an almost exact price.

well it was nit as much as we expected, so we asked the usual questions about guarantees etc, they seemed a bit shorter than we expected, so we started asking some more questions, like "What are the different hinge options" and "What are the locking mechanisms" we also asked if he had any technical information about what the windows were, how they were made up etc, at this point he seemed a bit worried and reluctant to give us any information, he seemed to think we would be happy parting with nearly £15k and only having a 2 hour chat with him to show for it ? I don't think so....

he kept throwing down a challenge to me when ever I asked him a difficult question, he replied with "if your not entirely confident, then don't place an order" hmm I thought a challenge worth taking him up on.

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