Thursday, May 25, 2006

Double Glazing - Fit the best (as they say)

After the last double glazing salesmen left, we decided that we would look at alternatives, so coincidentally, we had a card through the door from Everest. offering a 30% discount.

so we called the man, and he came to see us at 12:30 today.

Unlike the last chap we saw, this gut was well dressed, well groomed and polite and pleasant, so we offered him a coffee and got on with the sales pitch, I was quite impressed when we started asking about windows and styles, when he went out to his car, grabbed a window and brought it in for us to see. we could examine it ask questions etc, he also had a cut out section that showed us the internal make up.

As with the last salesman, we went around the house measuring up, and discussing styles, number of openings etc, after a while the salesman sat down and started working things out, after mumbling a few very frightening figures he started applying the discount, these were good...

  • 30% special offer

  • 10% home account offer

  • 15% flexibility offer

by the time he had finished we had a price no to far away from the price the local company had quoted, and this was Everest, so we started talking guarantees, this is what he offered.

  • Windows Seals Lifetime Guarantee (65 years)

  • UPVC discolouration 20 Years

  • windows in general 20 years

  • Installation guarantee that there will be no interior or exterior damage during the fitting

  • No mastic filler

All in all sounded pretty good, the guarantee's were twice as long as the local company offered, so we signed up there and then and paid our deposit, all we need to do now is wait and see if they are as good as their word.

On that subject, the payment options are very good, although we have paid a deposit of 10%, we don't pat anymore until 1 month after the installation, then we pay

  • 5 months at £250

  • 1 month 80% of the total

  • 5 months £250 (this is paid with the cash back we get as part of the deal too)

With this option, we are not paying any real money until we have had the windows for 6 months, so by then we will know if we are happy and satisfied customers or not, so not happy then not pay.... the incentive is with them.

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