Wednesday, May 31, 2006

First checkup since the op!

A Typical X-ray of a Repaired HipAlthough the X-ray to the right is not me, it is similar in the injury I sustained and the repair work the surgeons have carried out.My first appointment was at 4 pm, I am still being treated privately, but of course the doctors use the facilities of the NHS ?, it was strange turning up to the out patients unit to find just a few people waiting to be seen, these were also private patents.

as I looked around , I noticed that everything was deserted, there was no reception staff, no nurses, in fact the only person about was the consultant I was to see. it did make me think about all we hear in the new about NHS inefficiency???.

Anyway the consultant had to find a radiologist to x-ray me before he could see me, the x-ray to the right is what we saw, so far the bone growth is as expected for four weeks post op, I still have to keep weight of my left leg, and this is likely to be a total of 3 months, my next appointment is in four weeks.

A Good description of my injury can be found here

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