Sunday, May 7, 2006

Good paramedic bad paramedic

I eventually arrived in the A & E department, by now I was cold, wet a little bit high, and shaking all over, I felt every right turn the ambulance made on the way (the bad paramedic was driving and not very well), but luckily I had good paramedic in the back with me, had it bee the other way round, I would have expected a smoother ride, but less gas.

as I was wheeled in to A & E the bad paramedic just seemed to find things to moan at, the examination compartments were too small, there was too much equipment on the wall an in the way.

I think he should really consider his career...

After a short while I saw a couple of nurses who were quick to get my wet clothes off me. this was painful, but somehow I managed to put up with it:-).

Next thing was for the doctor to send me of for an X-ray.

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