Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Don't Believe It !

off I went to see the Physiotherapist...

I followed the directions she gave me, and got my wife to drive me there, we navigated around town and took this little side road, down we went to an old courtyard, with an old cottage.

Hmm, I thought to myself, this does not look very clinical?

I wandered down a typical cottage garden path, and an elderly lady came out asking if I was looking for physiotherapy (the crutches are a give away), I say she was elderly, she was definitely retired.

Taking one look at me the first question she asked was "Can you get up stairs", luckily being confident on crutches, I could, however I was not expecting to have to dodge around a 300 year old cottage, clime a spiral staircase with high risers and narrow treads to get to the treatment room, not exactly what you expect for a physiotherapist!.

So puffed out and a bit concerned, I sat down, she took away my crutches and asked what was wrong with me, I gave her the usual information.

  • Name of consultant

  • How my injury had happened

  • What had been done to fix my injury

This is when the physiotherapist looked at me and told me that she did not feel able to treat me as she hadn't treated a broken hip for some time (if only she could have told me that yesterday on the phone).

she did however have a friend she could refer me too, I took her details, while she phone her friend to pass on my details, again I had to confirm what my injury was, who my consultant was etc.

This woman was a lovely lady, I'm sure, although I was thankful that she could not treat me, she hadn't inspired confidence so far.

so off home I went to start the process off again, a call to PPP to get a list of approved Physiotherapists, this time I asked for names of Physiotherapist that were registered at one of the oxford Hospitals, rather than a private address.

I have left a message with the Nuffield Hospital Physiotherapy department private section, to call me, hopefully they will return my call as I would rather receive my treatment at a hospital rather than someone's lounge.

meanwhile the Colleague of the retired Physiotherapist has called me, I have been honest and explained my situation and preference to be treated at a proper clinic, not wishing to burn my bridges I have left it so that if I don't get a call from the Nuffield, I will call her back.

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