Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More confusion

While on ward 3a at the JR hospital, although I had expressed a wish to be treated privately, all seemed to go through the NHS.

This was ok at the time, however as I was finally transferred to private care at the last minute, all of my future treatment has been arranged on the NHS, I would actually prefer (as I pay for it) for my treatment to be private.

This means I have to try and get hold of my consultant and confirm a few things, this has taken 2 days. what I need to confirming is the following:

  • should I seek private physiotherapy or take physiotherapy on the NHS (I have had experience of this before and was not overly impressed)

  • which appoints should I keep and which should I cancel ?

  • Although I have been signed off work for 6 weeks, bearing in mind I have a desk job, can I work part time ?

Well the Physiotherapy question is fairly simple, all I have to do is cancel any NHS appointments, call PPP and get a list of approved physiotherapists, then make a few calls, inform everybody of the chosen physio and start the treatment.

In terms of appointments, that's too difficult to solve over the phone, when I see my consultant for x-rays in a couple of weeks, I'll take all appointment cards and ask him which I honour and which I cancel.

The working question was fairly straight forward, the answer is yes as long as I don't drive, put any weight on my leg or do anything that could affect my injury, this is more about being sensible than anything else.

I have a very good working relationship with my boss, and have agreed to work what I feel comfortable with, no one wants to take any risks, so I will work from home where possible and visit the office once or twice a week, providing I can get a lift in etc.

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