Sunday, May 7, 2006

Oops ----- A slight Slip (or more)

Well it is inevitable I suppose.

We have all been getting on so well with our Ice skating that we wanted more, after the Sunday morning public session there is the Oxford Ice Skating Club (OXIST).

We have been umming and erring about whether to join this club or not and have got chatting to a few of the people that are in it and run it, they all seem very friendly, and the added benefit is that the Ice is not so busy during the club session.

We have decided to try the club out as guests for a few weeks and make sure that it is not too much for our daughter.

Well it was may the 7th, it was the club session (we had gone as guests), I had warmed up nicely during the public session and felt confident practicing the Dutch waltz with my wife.

We had got some help with the Dutch Waltz from a more experienced skater in the club, but we had noticed that when we skated the Novice Fox Trot, our position on the Ice was not right, so one of the other more experienced skaters offer to show us the correct position, off we went following her around the ice when......


Something had gone wrong.. My wife and I had ended up sat on the Ice, both asking if each other was ok, Im not sure how I got there?
I tried to stand up and realised that something was not right, so I immediately sat back down.

A few people gathered round to see if I was ok, and one of the Ice stewards offered first aid, I of course took up the offer.
I could see that something was not right with my left leg (obviously you may be thinking), but its position was not normal, even for my leg with it's past injuries (many years ago on a motor bike, but that's another blog).

My immediate thought was a dislocation as I was not in a huge amount of pain, anyway the Ice rink manager called for an ambulance.
In the Meantime I relaxed as much as I could on the Ice with my Wife and the Ice rink manage comforting me.

30 Minutes later the ambulance arrived, by now I was cold and shivering and stuck to the ice!, the adrenalin had worn of and the ice was luckily numbing me enough to stop me feeling any real long as I didn't move!!!

When the paramedics saw me they must of thought "heyup that stuff is slippery", I say that as one of the paramedics refused to step onto the Ice to examine me, my wife was not impressed with this and proceeded to play the protective wife and defend my right to be cared for.
The smaller (and nicer) paramedic was eventually persuaded to step onto the Ice and examine me, at this point the only diagnosis was my own, that of a possible dislocated hip.

I must be pretty convincing as everyone believed it to be the case, anyway eventually the paramedic (the nice one) aided by my wife, the ice rink manager, my own right arm and a couple of the Ice Coaches, lifted me up onto the Ice Rinks stretcher, I was then wheeled to the edge of the ice rink by one of the coaches who could skate backwards really well.

The lift up did hurt a bit, that's when I was really sure this was serious.

Next I had to be moved onto the paramedics stretcher, now I was off the ice I had the use of both paramedics to aid me, the paramedic that refused to step onto the ice kept on wanting to have a moan at the ice rink manager, who so far had only followed instructions from the ambulance service off "Don't move the patent".

Next I was in the back of the ambulance inhaling some really good gas and on my way to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

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