Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Organiser

While I have been temporarily incapacitated, my wife has been running around trying to do all the things she normally does, look after me and arrange all the things we need to do quickly in our new home.

So far she has managed to get British Gas out to look at the heating system, they are going to remove the old boiler and fit a new one, apparently it can't go in the same place as the old one due to new legislation (the old one is vented through a chimney, and now the must be vented through an external wall).

While they are at it they are also going to sort out a couple of the problem radiators we have, including one with a leak, change the hot water tank and then insure our system for the rest of our lives.

Problem Wall Lightthe only problem we have to sort out in advance is that we have a wall light in the kitchen which just so happens to be in the exact spot where the new boiler is going to go.

The new boiler will also have a proper time clock on it.

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