Sunday, May 7, 2006

Post Op

I'm not sure what time I got out of theatre and recovery, but it was late, by the time I was put on the ward the night staff had arrived and taken over.

I work for a company that offers Private healthcare, bearing this in mind I and my wife had enquired about this in A & E and informed doctors and staff.

They didn't seem that interested though and said all that can be sorted out later.

The first night on the ward was terrible...

I had not eaten since midday, and only then a small snack, as we were at the ice skating rink, our intention was to eat well later on, this did not happen for me.

After I was placed on the ward, by now about 10 pm, one nurse asked if I would like a sandwich box as I had missed all the meals, by now I was ready to eat my pillow.

The noise on the ward was terrible, there were some very Ill geriatrics on the ward that were making sure they got the nursing staffs attention.

me however, I had this magic little button connected to me, all I had to do was press it and I got a dose of morphine, I was hungry but actually very sleepy, and on a different planet.

The nursing staff obviously felt I needed more rest and promptly moved me into one of the side rooms on the ward, here I was forgotten about until about 2 am, when I finally got my sandwich.

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