Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Private or NHS

I have a benefit at work that entitles me to private medical care, although this is a benefit, I am taxed heavily for it, this is over and above the normal tax I pay as do the rest of the working population in the UK.

although I had, and my wife had expressed the wish to be treated privately, there seemed to be some resistance to this, I'm not sure where this came from, but I would have thought with the NHS in the state it's in they would be glad to get rid of me, in actual fact they were keen to discharge me, but not treat me privately.

I was a bit out of touch in hospital, relying on my wife to visit me around the school run and her own work, but she was still managing to chase up consultants, insurance companies, consultants secretaries (that never seem to return your calls) to get me transferred, she did actually find a bed in another local private hospital that was keen for me to transfer, all that was required... was to get my consultant to transfer me.

I stayed on ward 3a from the Sunday night through to the Wednesday afternoon, on Tuesday I was moved out of the side room back into a 4 bed ward.

By the Wednesday I was receiving physiotherapy, the bare minimum to ensure that I was safe to be let home, it seems to be normal practice that once you can get up and down a flight of stairs on crutches safely, you can be sent home, luckily due to an injury approx 20 years ago, I had some previous experience on crutches, and just like riding a bike, it's one of those skill you cant forget.

do by Wednesday I was ready to go home...... or was I?

it seemed that everyone was so impressed with my agility on crutches, they had overlooked that fact that the surgeon had carved a great big hole in my leg while he did his DIY on my bones.

going home on Wednesday was not out of the question as I still had an open wound. however at this point they seemed keen to transfer to a private ward and I was eventually whisked up to ward 5C.

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