Sunday, May 7, 2006

Some friendly faces

By now I'm back in a treatment room in A & E, every so often I see someone walk past, occasionally I think they are coming to see me, but I'm wrong.

Suddenly I hear a friendly voice, it's my wife and daughter, strangely, the recognise me by the fact that my foot is sticking out of the treatment room, and the sock is a dead giveaway.

They immediately enter and bring I smile to my face, I inform my wife of the bad news, we had both hoped my injury was a dislocation and after a few pushes, pulls tweaks and shouts of pain, I would be on my way home, however this is not the case.

Now the doctor is in, she is very friendly, and gets on well with my daughter, showing her my X-ray and explaining what's wrong, at the same time I nurse comes in and puts a needle in my hand, takes some blood and then attaches a syringe full of morphine into it, asking me to tell here when I stop feeling pain.

Now I got pretty high on that stuff, needless to say I required the whole syringe full.

the doctors started talking serious now and explained that I need surgery immediately, I was already on the list and before I knew it I was being prepared for theatre.

The explanation I had was that the fracture I incurred was at the neck of the femur, this part of the bone required a blood supply, if the blood supply is damaged, the neck will crumble in time, leaving needing a hip replacement, at my age(41) this is best avoided as I could end up having lots of them.

This is suddenly very serious and we are all hoping things go well in theatre.

My family leave now and go home to inform relatives and colleagues of my situation, meantime, I'm going down to enjoy some free drugs while it's legal!!!!

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