Monday, May 8, 2006

Ward 3a

I was now on Ward 3a of the John Radcliffe Hospital.

I was hooked up to morphine on tap, a great invention when it works, during the night the alarm went off on my supply and it stopped supplying me, I had no idea what this bleeping noise was, other than the fact that it was rather annoying, I was still a bit high, but the morphine was wearing off and the pain was getting stronger, I did wonder if there was a connection between the noise and the increase in pain.

I had a few nurses walk past my side room (bearing in mind their rest room was opposite) throughout the night, all of them experienced enough to recognise the sound of failing equipment.

eventually I managed to get the attention of a nurse who looked at it agreed it was not working and then went away, about 30 mins later a more senior nurse arrived to turn of the alarm, fix the problem and return my supply of morphine back to a working condition.

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