Sunday, May 7, 2006

The X-Ray

A Porter came along to my treatment bay and promptly wheeled me to the X-ray department, I lay in the corridor for I while with just a sheet, a pair of boxer shorts and a sock (the nurses had missed it in their excitement).

After a short wait (the gas is wearing off a bit now) I was wheeled into the X-ray room so that I could be moved from one bed to another, this was done with expert precision and very little fuss or pain.

The Nurse taking the x-rays was very efficient, getting me in the right position, and at one point even placing a chair on the bed to rest my good leg on so she could get a clear X-ray (that's what she said anyway) from the inside of my hip.

Then the bad news....

"Its broken"

Then the really bad news

"Its broken badly"

The Nurse then explained that this was an injury common in old people, it is early to say, and not being a doctor, she was not qualified, but suspected that it would either be a screw through the bone or a prosthetic hip.

I was placed back on the original trolley and wheeled outside to wait for the friendly porter to wheel me back to A & E.

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