Sunday, June 4, 2006

Back at the Rink

This morning we went off to the Ice Rink as usual, we had promised our daughter that she could stay on after the public session and attend the club session.

As usual I got to sit at the side of the Rink and watch, as I am still incapacitated with my hip injury.

I thought I would take the opportunity of taking some photos, so I had a word with the management and filled out a request for photography, this is mainly an agreement that if requested I will stop taking photos, and that my reason is for family record, this is all part of the Ice Rinks photography policy. sure enough to put it to the test, I had no sooner taken my first photo of my daughter on the Ice when I was asked to show my permit by one of the ice stewards.

During the public session there was the usual dance session, where all the public get off the ice and the oxford ice dance club demonstrate their dancing, we had got to know a most of the regulars by now due to the fact that we were regulars ourselves now, and attend the club session from time to time, I also became instantly recognised at the "Hip" after my recent fall.

During the dance session, a couple of very good skaters clipped their blades and fell over, (just goes to prove how easy it is), luckily there were not injured anymore that a nasty bruise. My wife later on approached them and thanked them for falling, proving we are not the only ones that do it!!!!, luckily they saw the humour in the remark.

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