Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Boiler Installation Day 2

Day 2 of the boiler installation, at the end of day 1, the installing engineer was confident that he would be finished by the end of day 2, he would work hard all day to get finished and work a bit late, also by the end of the day the electricians would have been etc.well, he was close..

The day started well, he arrived a bit later than we had expected, but not beyond reason, and he does seem like a nice and decent chap, so we wont be too hard on him.

after talking to him (as you do), it turns out that his wife used to go to the same school as our daughter ! not only that... but his sister lives in the same village as we do.

anyway, he got straight into his worked and started draining down the radiators and fitting the thermostatic valves, about mid morning he was called away to an emergency, so that set the end of the 2 day installation.

after about an hour he came back and got stuck into his work all seems to be going pretty well, he has even added the new radiator to the kitchen.

just after lunch the electricians turned up, one point they need to clear up was where to put the room thermostat, after a quick chat he agreed where it was to go and then informed me that he would need to run some plastic trunking down the wall to the position of the control.... Aaargh... I hate plastic trunking.

I tried to persuade him to chase the wiring in, but he did not have the tools, however he did mention that now you can buy RF Wireless controls.RF Wireless Control Panel

so a quick call to the installing supervisor and agreement to pay £60 extra and within the hour we had wireless control panel on the wall.

By about 5 pm, it was time to go home, the elctricians finished, all that need to be done now, is the power flush of the heating system and the commisioning of the new boiler.

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