Thursday, June 29, 2006

Boiler Installation Day 3

Hooray we have hot water and heating..

When we arrived home from our daughters sports day, the engineer had gone, a quick check around showed that all was working as we had expected.

The next job for me was to set the timing on the ht water and heating programmer.

After trying to figure out how it worked I finally read the instructions, aha, it wasn't me being thick, the instructions really were different to the control panel on the wall.

Luckily at that moment the engineer called to say he had left some kit in our garage and could he arrange to collect it, yep we said, but... could you sort out the control panel.

Apparently the reason it was not working as expected is that during installation you need to decide what mode it is going to work in, then that's it, unless of course you an get an engineer to re programme it.

so the nice engineer will do that for us this week end sometime.

Apart from that all seems to be working well.

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