Friday, June 23, 2006

Boiler Installation - Preparation

Today we started to prepare for the new boiler installation that British gas will carry out, here is a picture (left) of the boiler that they will take out.

Old BoilerI'll get a picture of that once its fitted, I may even get some work in progress blogs if the boiler chaps don't mind so much.

This morning things started to fit together, I had a call from the local builders merchant, advising me of a delivery they will make next Tuesday on behalf of British gas, strangely this is the same day that British Gas are due to start work, so it's just as well that we are the first delivery and can expect to take delivery at about 8:00 am, I should be here still then so no problem.


In the meantime my wife has started to clear the kitchen of breakables, also as the boiler installation will involve some plumbing, we have had to clear one of the upstairs rooms to and prepare for the floor boards to be lifted.


New Boiler Location (Planned)

An Interesting fact..... Apparantly although the existing boiler vents out to a chimney, this is no longer considered safe, because of this we are having to relocate the new boiler to a position where it can be vented straight out through an external wall.



here is where they will put the new one !!

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