Monday, June 5, 2006

The Double Glazing (too Much Choice)

Over the weekend, my wife was out and about, and on her travels another of the neighbours introduced themselves, there were very neighbourly and invited my wife in to look around their house. My wife was very impressed, especially as they have had exactly the same things done to their house as we are planning to do to ours....

Their kitchen is to die for (apparently) so now we know where to get some contact details for when we are ready to fit a new kitchen.

Then there is the windows!!! apparently our house is almost the only house in the close that so far still has the original windows.
now that we have placed an order 2 of our neighbours have given us recommendations (yes, both different companies) for double glazing, and both at about half the price we have been quoted for a similar sized house. so we have promptly cancelled the order with the company that claims to fit the best while we re-evaluate After committing to the company that claims to fit the best, we are now re-evaluating the minefield of double glazing, watch this space, or feel free to comment with your good or bad experiences, I need some help on this... 


If you choose the optoin "Somebody Else" please leave a comment with who they are and how i can contact them

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