Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Electrician

We were expecting the electrician to turn up at 4 pm, but the time came and went, so by about 5:30 we gave him a call, "just finishing a job, then it'll be right with you" came the reply.

A little while later he turned up..

The job to do ?

Remove a wall light in preparation for British gas to install anew boiler.

We had prepared by clearing the room directly above the kitchen to allow the electrician to take the boards up and trace the wiring back to the junction and remove it safely. I had to remind him to do this, i got the impression that given half a chance he would have just cut the wires and left them live.

We heard some banging and thumping, it seem the boards were nailed down with 3 inch nails, more that is required. after a while and some hard work, he managed to get the boards up enough to get to the junction, he safely removed the wire, the wall light was taken down, and we were left to clear up the mess.

A job well done (except for the damage to the floor boards).

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