Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hospital Check-up

Today I had an appointment to see my consultant.Every 4 weeks I am back at the hospital for an X-ray and a check-up.

It is now 8 weeks since I slipped on the Ice and broke my Hip (Read the Post), with all the exercise I have been doing to build up the muscles around the hip an leg, I must say it is feeling really good, I have had no pain for some weeks now so I am feeling really confident.

when I got to the hospital it was the usual good treatment, I was seen almost straight away by my doctor, he gave me a quick examination to check for pain and movement etc, he basically compared movement range with my good leg, so far so good.

He then sent me of for an X-Ray, once done I was back in his consultation room again, while we checked them out, again all looked good so hip

He has now said I can begin weight bearing partially on my bad leg, this will help with the healing process and stimulate growth, so next thing to do is to get another appointment with the physiotherapist.

so next I bombarded him with all the questions I needed answers to.

  1. Can I drive my car ?
  2. Can I go back to work ?
  3. Do I need any documents to satisfy insurance company's etc.

To answer my questions he basically said

  1. I can drive a manual car, but build up to it over a few days.
  2. I can go back to work part time (2 days a week) but only if the office is crutch friendly and the use of crutches is covered in the company H & S policy.
  3. As the hospital seem to have run out of forms, the consultant will write a letter for me.

so on the way home, a quick check with the insurance company to make sure they are happy (and they are), and I get my car back again.

On the way out my wife asked the consultant a question:

"Is there any vitamin tablet or supplement that can be taken to help promote growth" ?

His answer:

They are all a waste of money.

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