Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The Leaking Roof

After many days of rain the chap that we had arranged to fix our leaking roof over the garage could finally make it. at about 12:30 I got the call from him saying he was on his way and would be at my house in about half an hour, as I was now at work (in spite of my injury) I promptly called my wife (who was at home) to let her know.

When we arranged for the builder to fix the roof, the only instruction he gave us was to buy some external weather proof clear silicon mastic.
In our quest for this we discovered that it either does not exist within the world of home DIY, or every DIY shop had sold out, or none of us actually knew what we were after.

Eventually we decided to go to a builders merchant, who sold us what he thought we needed, however he only had it in black!
so today our builder looked at our silicon, and being the nice chap he is, tried to disguise the colour by placing the silicon deeper into the crevices that it was trying to seal.

Now only time will tell if he has been successful.

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