Friday, June 2, 2006

Oven Clean

The Clean Oven Co

This Morning we had our oven cleaned...

After the fiasco of getting our new cooker delivered as mentioned in an earlier post, we decided that as the whole kitchen need to be replaced, that we would make do with the existing cooker until we get the kitchen done, however, we will need to get it cleaned in the meantime.

It just so happens that a friend runs his own oven cleaning business, so a quick call to him was all that was needed.

so at 8:30 this morning the door bell rang, with our oven cleaner stood at the door, he got stuck in straight away.

I have to say the job he did was absolutely fantastic, I would recommend him to anyone, hence I have posted his business details along with this post.

Just in case the photo is not clear he is the Clean Oven co Tel: 01993 778609 (ring for a free quote).

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