Thursday, June 8, 2006

Preparation for the School Summer fete

Every Year our school has a summer fete, its an occasion where the children get to come to school on a saturday and meet and have fun.
Tthe parents (organised by the PA) get to setup a range of stalls and even sometimes get a couple of fun fair rides in.

Usually the school swimming pool is also open for a couple of hours.

Each year, my wife and I are tasked with running the wine and water stall, this is where we collect as many empty wine bottles as we can, we then fill them up with a mixture that looks similar to wine, then we reseal the top with tape. The mixture we use is as follows

Red WineWhite wineRose
Cola (use sugar to remove the Fizz)Grape JuiceDiluted Blackcurrent Ribena
Burdock & Dandelion Elder FlowerCranberry Jiuce
Diluted Black current RibenaGooseberry Juice 

The way the stall works is that we place some full new bottles of wine on a table and mix them up with the bottles we have filled, we then place a plastic cup over every bottle, it is then up to the punters to guess whether a bottle is real wine or not, just by looking at the bottle, for this privilege we charge them £1.

We have now filled up about 24 bottle ready for the fete on Saturday, on the day we will keep moving the bottle around and changing them about so that we keep removing and swapping some full bottles of wine and some fake bottles

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