Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Zenith Windows (Good or Bad)

After all the confusion with double glazing windows, we are sure it is an absolute minefield.Today I had a visits from Zenith Windows, I arranged for the "Free quote" via their website, while I was there I looked at their windows specifications etc to see if I could get as much information as possible.After a few days I had a call from Zenith to arrange the visit and all was set for today at 10:00 am.

At 10:00 AM I had a call from Zenith asking me a few questions.

1. Is it still convenient to come - I replied yes (of course)

2. Am I the sole owner of the property - I replied I am (although it is joint with my wife, but I could not see the relevance if giving them this information).

they then informed me that a rep was on his way and he should be with me soon, possibly a bit late allowing for traffic.

Just before 11:00 am there was a ring at my door bell, it was the man From Zenith, who immediately apologised for being late, promptly blamed it all on the office and came in.

we had a chat where he asked what I knew about Zenith, so I informed him of all the stuff I had read in the web, including the negative comments posted about pushy salesmen, he assured me he was aware of these comments but that was not the Zenith style, and anyway, he was the show home marketing manager, not a salesman, so he was not on a commission etc, he just wanted to identify a potential show home, which by the way, could result in a full refund!!!.

I then told him of my concern of the make up of the windows, this was very unclear on their website, he promptly went out to his car to bring in a sample, meanwhile I made the coffee.

we were just about to get talking when his mobile phone rank, he took the call (unusual while with a client), after a while he asked if I could talk to his colleague on the phone, it was the man I spoke to earlier, asking if I was the sole owner again, I assured him I was jointly with my wife.

strangely he asked if my wife was available, to which I said "No, she's at work", he then passed me onto his manager, who insisted that we should reschedule the meeting to a time when my wife was available, as I could not make the decision on my own?

I though this strange and explained how I work "I will gather the information, I will discuss with my wife, compare with other quotes gained from other companies and decide sometime next week", the man from Zenith was not happy about this, he wanted a decision today, to this I explained that wont happen.

he then advised me that the Zenith windows are Unique, and no other company can offer them, after some more general advice (unwanted) he suggested that the salesman went away, a greed, passed the phone back to the salesman who chatted and hung up.

No sooner had he hung up, the salesman said the manager is always doing this and losing business every time, I explained I would not ask Zenith back, to which came the reply, "I am leaving Zenith this week, they don't know it yet, and from Monday I will work for another company that can supply the exact same windows as zenith", that's odd, I had just been told that zenith windows are unique?

anyway by this time I had decided not was I not interested in Zenith Windows, I was also not interested in the company where this salesman was going either.

Was this all part of some weird sales tactic by Zenith ???? I think so.

Bottom Line, I will never go to Zenith double glazing.


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