Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Consultants appointment (3 Month check-up)

Today is the 3 month check-up of my broken leg.All the information I've had so far has been that after 3 months I should be ok to fully bear weight on my bad leg.

My appointment was at 3:30 pm, but I arrived early as usual.

Normally I had notice that the outpatients surgery was empty except for the other private patents, I had always thought this was odd, but could not explain why it was so.

However today is a Thursday ! the place was packed.

After waiting a few moments I was called in by my consultant, he told me he would x-ray me, but he didn't have my notes because my appointment was actually yesterday ?, strange he said, out of 12 appointment yesterday 4 failed to show, but so far 3 of them had shown today..... I wonder where the mistakes was made......

Anyway seeing as his surgery is on a Wednesday, and it is now Thursday and "Adult Fractures Clinic" I had to wait nearly an hour for an x-ray, I also had to complete more forms as my notes were not available.

After the x-ray I was promptly seen by my consultant, who is being paid privately for my treatment.

His advice was that all seems normal, I can fully mobilise, and I should inform the physio of this, I should after a few weeks wean myself of the crutches.

He also pointed out that as I am so young there is still a risk of "Avascular necrosis", this means that I will have to continue to have x-rays for about 12 months to ensure there are no problems.

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