Wednesday, July 5, 2006

More Physio

Today I had my first physiotherapy since my consultant informed me that I could begin putting weight on my broken (but now repaired hip).

When I made the appointment with the physio, I had left it a few days after my outpatient appointment to allow my consultant to write to the physiotherapist informing her of the status, the Physiotherapist also left messages with my consultant asking for info, or in reality, my physio's secretary, left a message on the answering service of my consultants secretary requesting information from my consultant about me on behalf of my physiotherapist.

Needless to say that when I arrived for my appointment, the only person that seemed to have any information about me was me..

So a got a few more exercises to do, no real progress though and no commitment from the physio.

So she will now contact my consultant, and when the physio knows more about what I should and shouldn't do, she will call me to make another appointment.

Some food for thought.... this is private medical treatment ! what would it be like on the NHS ?

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