Monday, July 24, 2006

New Boiler - Emergency!!!

Since having our new boiler installed I have noticed that it takes a couple of seconds to fire up when it starts.

As it is a new boiler fitted and installed by British Gas, I could only assume that this is normal, so left it without worry for a few days, however these things do tend to play on your mind a little.

As we have had such a good summer, we have spent more time in the garden, while enjoying the sun on the patio, I heard the boiler fire up and splutter slightly, I also thought I could smell gas!!!!.

After watching this carefully now, I decided that we should call in the experts, and first thing Monday morning called British gas.

we explained the problem to the girl on the phone who promptly decided it was not a British gas problem and we should call Transco...

After a few minutes of arguing the girl finally agreed that maybe as we are paying British gas for a maintenance contract as well as the fact the boiler was fitted less than 30 days ago, that British gas should respond.

Within half an hour we had a Transco van pull up outside, the engineer fired up the boiler, measured the gas out put and promptly stuck big orange sticker on the boiler, stating it was a faulty appliance and should not be used.

He then left.

Lucky its summer.

Later that day, a British gas engineer turned up, he fired up the boiler, measured the gas output, then stated that as the wall had been drilled as part of the installation, I bit of grit had got into the boiler, causing the problem.

After a clean all seemed ok and we were back to normal... we think....

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