Saturday, August 19, 2006

Loch Lomond Shores

The weather today was far better than both predicted and expected, but we took a chance and drove to Loch Lomond, we were interested to have a look around the new sea life centre that has just opened.sealife

on the whole the day turned out quite well, the sea life centre was pretty good, and we also had time to take out a pedal boat on the Loch.

At the entrance to the visitors centre there was a mini fair, at this my daughter tried the trampolines with bungee's attached, she was quite exited at how high she went, she enjoyed it so much she had to go on it again.

Loudon Castle

loudoncastle Today we went to Loudon castle theme park, although it rained pretty hard for most of the day, we managed to get on most of the rides, the main ride being the rat.This ride was really exciting and scary, so much so that we went on it twice!.

rat The park has quite a few attractions and also has a Pirates cove with rides for the younger family members, the park operates a red, amber and green height guide for all of the rides so you can see before you pay the entrance fee how many rides you may or may not qualify for.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Today we went to Inverary, this is a small town about half way between Dunoon and Oban.The main attractions are a woollen mill, a castle and a historic jail.


I have never managed to view the woollen mill, but a few years ago I did visit the castle, this was a bit disappointing, and in my view was not worth the entrance fee.

Most years though we have visited the jail.

I had hoped to miss it this year but my daughter wanted to see it.

The jail is quite good and starts of with an exhibition called Death & Damnation, this is an exhibition about torture!.


After this you are able to view a courtroom with real cases from the history books being played, followed by a trip downstairs to view the original jail, followed by the newer jail that was still in use until around the 1840's

Part of the exhibition goes on to tell how good a life a modern prisoner gets in prison today!.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Isle of Bute

The weather forecast for today was pretty good again (not bad for Scotland), so we decided to go to the Isle of Bute.While there we had a look around Rothsay and bought a bucket and spade and fishing net before heading off to the beach at Ettrick bay.The beach is slightly stoney but overall not bad.Halfway down the beach is an old fishing boat wreck that the kids love to play on.


The beach also has a tea room that serves a decent snack or light meal.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Day in Oban

well we didn't actually spend the day in Oban, but what we did do was visit a couple of attractions just outside of Oban.

Oban Sea Life Sanctuary.


We have been here a few times over the years, and generally have enjoyed it, even though from Dunoon, the drive is just under 2 hours.

In my view this is not as good as it used to be, they used to allow the public to feed the sharks in the shark pool, but no longer, the otter pool is not up to much and the seal pool looked like it needed some tlc, certainly not worth the entrance fee this year, at it's best the centre was only a half day attraction, but now a couple of hours is plenty.

Rare breads farm park.rarebreeds

This place is pretty good, you could easily drive past it, it is located just before the Connell bridge and is about 3 miles down a single track.

when you get there be prepared for a good walk up hill, the park keeps rare breeds of sheep, pigs or anything that they consider to be rare.

at the top of the park, the have an open enclosure where the animals are tame enough to approach the kids looking for food.

we managed to get right next to some red deer and some alpacas.

the site would keep you occupied for a good half day, and the kids will drag out their time in the animal handling area in their top barn where they can handle rabbits and guinea pigs.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park

This morning we awoke to such a great warm sunny day, we decided to spend the day at Blair Drummond safari Park.Although the safari is not the best in the world, its enough for kids to enjoy, we certainly enjoyed it, here is a quick flash of the day.


we all had a great time and returned back to our lodge via KFC absolutely shattered.

the weather forecast for tomorrow does not seem so good?.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Relax & Settle In

After the journey up yesterday followed by all the unpacking, it is good to spend the first day relaxing and getting into the holiday routine.This morning, I cooked a traditional Scottish breakfast (this is my usual Holiday Job) while my wife and daughter went to explore the local beach.

moragsfairyglen_banner   After breakfast we had a gentle trek around Morag's Fairy Glen.


After this we went down to the beach for a stone skimming competition on the beach.

Once we had relocated most of the beach, we went back to the holiday village for a swim before tea.

next job was to plan days out for the rest of the holiday, this was done using a combination of the Tourist information leaflets available at the holiday village and my trusty Tomtom satnav system.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Summer Holiday

Today is the start of our family summer holiday.we normally spend this staying at Hunters Quay Holiday Village in Dunoon, this allows to see my parents at the same time.

As the drive to Dunoon is fairly Long, we left home before 7 am so that we could avoid the traffic and make good time, this paid off as we were booking into our lodge at just after 4:30 pm, this was after a stop at Sandbach for coffee, another stop at Gretna Green and a quick shop at Tesco's at Greenock for some general supplies etc.

It didn't take long to unpack  everything into our lodge, this year we are staying in fircroft 9.

Holiday in Dunoon