Sunday, September 10, 2006

Back On The Ice (After 4 Months)

After my last check-up with the doctor and my confidence being pretty high, I thought I would try to get back on the ice this weekend.

I had tried on my ice skates (With blade guards on) at home, just to get the feel of them again and also to see if I could actually stand up on the blades without discomfort or falling over.

After a successful trial around my living room, I thought I would try my luck.

First thing this morning I was feeling a bit nervous and not too sure if I was doing the right thing, all the thoughts going through my mind were, what if I fall, what if I break my leg again... but then I though it's now or never.

At the ice rink I got my skates on and want onto the ice, my legs were trembling as I stepped on holding on to the barrier, then my hands were trembling to.

It felt very different from the last time I went on the ice.

I stood up for a few moments to get my balance, then very slowly started to skate round like a beginner, holding onto the barrier, just in case.

A few of the regulars there we glad to see me on the ice and all offered support.

As I went round I felt my confidence building up, I decided that I would do no more than basic skating around the rink today, I don't want to tempt fete.

I started to notice how much my muscles were aching, event a simple t-stop made even my good leg ache, but after 4 months off the ice it was only to be expected.

I didn't push myself too hard and got off the ice when I began to feel tired, but after all of that I feel good about being back.

Will I dance on ice again ? not sure yet, certainly if I do it will be at arms length.

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