Friday, September 29, 2006

Tracey Beaker - oxford Playhouse

This evening we went to the oxford playhouse to see "Tracey Beaker Gets Real"The show started at 7 pm and we had booked our seats well in advance, The oxford playhouse allows you to select your seats from a web page view of the auditorium when booking online, this is a great service as you know exactly what seats are already booked and what are still available.

The play itself was quite good, the cats did an exceptional job at portraying the characters from the TV programme, although some of the characters names were different.

the only annoying character was "Duke", in this play called "Sherriff", this part was played by an American actor with a Jamaican tinge, this meant that every time he said the word "Thing" he actually said "Ting", this just happens to be a pet hate of mine, but one I had learnt to ignore it I hade a great time, and more importantly, so did my daughter.

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