Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

I'm sure you have all noticed that christmas is upon us once again.

In our familiy we moved into the gaming arena, with an xbox 360, you can seem my gamer tag on the righthand sidebar ? my daughter chose the gamer tag?

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Oh No, Not Again!!!

After being back on the ice for quite some time now, i still have not managed to get back to the same level that i was before, but I have been steadily imporoving.

That is until NOW.

This weekend we had been busy with christmas shopping, this took the whole of Saturday, so to try and catch up a bit, my wife decided to stay at home this morning and do the housework, while i took our daughter Ice skating.

The Ice rink seemed very busy, but also buzzing with atmosphere, My daughters lesson was scheduled for 11.00 am and she was just about to complete her 10th level for her UK skateing association badge.

Just before 11, it happened...

While skating around slowly, and not even trying to do anything, my toe rake caught the Ice, i tripped over and heard a ripping sound as i fell.

After the last incident where i broke my hip, i was eager to get of the ice as quick as possible, so i manged to drag myself to the side where i pulled myself up onto the spectator seats.

i didn't feel to good, but i had to put on a brave face for my daughter, i rested for a while and she went and had her lesson, while she was busy i  managed to hobble to the changing areas where i got my skates off and put my trainers back on, at least i could hoble this time, i was relieved that i had not broken a bone, but i was keen to get my leg looked at, after hearing the ripping sound.

well i managed to drive home without too much discomfort, but shortly afterwards, i drove to the local hospital minor injuries ward.

after a short wait and a quick examination by a nurse, it looked like a ihad torn a ligament in my left knee.

that was it, i was issues with a pair of crutches and sent home.

After this time, the skates are going on Ebay, time i found myself a less dangerous hobby.