Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ballet Exam

At the end of March my daughter takes her grade 1 ballet exam.

Currently the panic is on wih exta ballet lessons at weekends and at school during lunch times.

Because of the extra lessons, and the need to practice at home, we have also had to attend some of the extra lessons, so we can instruct and progress the ballet "Home work".

The teacher  recognises that our daughter is very good at dance and has asked us to allow even more extra lessons 1 on 1, so she can hopefully pass the exam with a distinction.,at the moment, our daugter seems to spend most of the lessons waiting for the other girls to catchup.

So what's the difficulty, I hear you ask ?

Well to avoid envy and fear of favouritism, we have had to keep the extra lessons quite fom the other girls, so where do we have these lessons ?? yep,at the school of course on a saturday morning..

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