Friday, February 2, 2007

Getting Behind, I'd Better Catch up!!!

It seems such a long time since my last post, actually it's about a month.

Things have been very busy for me lately, at work i am managing a very large project, that is planned to replace our core business systems, this is a staged project and we are in the earlt trials of the remote data capture (yad yada blah blah), as well as this major project i have a few smaller projects on the go, again defining and implementing new systems for different parts of the business, its not only enough tokeep me busy, it can drive me barmy too.

At home i have been decorating my daughters bedroom, it's very pink, unfortunatly i forgot to take the before and after pics, so youll have to take my word for it, in fact it's so pink that the pink reflects of the white gloss around the windows and skirting boards, you even feel pink when you walk in, but she loves it.

I have also been busy tidying up my brothers web site, alot of the smart stuff he can do himself, but as i have the tools and a bit more experience in web development, i get to play around with the PHP scripts and CSS files, so far the site is looking pretty good.

The Solarchart site is built using the  opensource Zencart package, it's very flexible and has the scope to build up to a larg scale business system, just ready for when we get there.

In the mean time i have negleted my blog, as i log on to make this post i have noticed that my version of wordpress is now at least 3 versions behind, the dilemmer i have now is, do i junp to the current version, or upgrade through all the versions in between, just in case there have been some DB changes along the way??

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