Saturday, February 10, 2007

Teenagers Hooked on Porn

What is going on at the BBC?

As you are aware if you read my personal pages, I am a father of an impressionable 8 year old daughter. like most girls her age, she still likes to watch the CBBC channel until close at 7 pm, after that, and still within the watershed, she likes to watch BBC 3, mainly because of programs based on reality TV, although at 7 pm this should be censored....

Anyway, imagine my horror when at the start of BBC 3 (7 Pm) the very first trailer was for a program called "Teenagers hooked on porn", now as it happens this was a documentary, about.... yep you guessed... anyway, I though, what if my daughter asks me what porn is ???? what do i say ? and is this really suitable language at 7 pm.

Anyway, it stirred me up enough to complain to the BBC, the first time ever in ,my life! and I would generally say that I am open minded etc etc, so ithought I would use the BBC complaints website to register the complaint.

My points were as follows:

  • Is this really suitable for family viewing

  • Should this be shown at 7 pm ?

Here is a copy of my complaint:..

Recently BBC3 have trailed and preveiwed a programme called "Teenagers hooked on porn", this trailer was shown at 7 pm, well before the watershed and at peak family viewing, could you explain how i should explain the word "Porn" to an 8 year old??I requested a response so that i could see how the complaint was dealt with.

A couple of days later i got a reply from the BBC, here it is:..

Thank you for your e-mail regarding trails shown on BBC THREE. I note your objections to the programme 'Teens Hooked on Porn' being trailed before the Watershed. The 9.00 PM Watershed is established as a pivotal point in the evening's viewing and we pay particular attention to the context and scheduled transmission times of each trail to try and ensure its suitability. However, our public obligation is to provide services for all licence-payers and not just those with children - some 70% of households do not contain children. If we scheduled all such broadcasts at a later hour we would deny many adult viewers information about programming they might wish to see.

By their very nature trails are unannounced so our audiences have no advance warning when they are to occur. We realise that material suitable for a billed and scheduled programme might not be suitable as a promotion. Nevertheless, the main purpose of such a promotional trail is to ensure the maximum number of people are given the opportunity to sample the widest possible range of our programmes, and can make informed decisions on their viewing.

While we respect sensitivities, we must provide an honest and straightforward indication of a programme's content. We would not wish to mislead by sanitising a trail so that the subsequent programme caused offence. I must point out that the trail in question was not transmitted at a time or upon a channel designated for children's viewing.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the strength of your objections on this issue. Please be assured that your dissatisfaction has been registered and has contributed to our daily log which will be made available to the BBC Broadcast teams, our scheduling department and senior management.

Thank you for taking the time to contact BBC Information.


Anne Lavan

BBC Information

Unfortunatly, the email is sent from an address that cannot be responded to, so i have let this drop for the time being and await to see if it happens again.

Apart from the warped view of the BBC about the British population, i think they really need to catch up with the real world.

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