Saturday, March 31, 2007

A facelift for the Family website

oldsite.thumbnail For some time i have been hosting a family website, it's only available to the select few that have been issued a username and password, but recently I have thought that it was a bit stale looking and also a bit too difficult to manage.

Working in IT, I tend to have duplicate setup's for testing and development, so for my website, I had the source code in one place, the test site in another and then the live site, so I seemed to be forever moving content about.

After looking around at some open source CMS (content Management Systems), i discovered CMSMadeSimple.newsite.thumbnail

This is a great CMS site that allows me to publish content directly onto the site, it looks better that the old site too, and the best part is that there is a whole community of developers out there developing plug-in modules and neat little utilities.
I can even display my blog posts on it via an RSS feed, watch out, I'll be podcasting soon.

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