Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hider in the House - are the BBC Insane ?

What is going on at the BBC.

hiderinthehouse.thumbnail It normally takes a lot to send me into a rage, but the BBC did it with ease this evening.

While watching CBBC (a channel aimed specifically at children), I saw a program being trailed called "Hider in the house", now the part of this that really enraged me was that the theme of this program is to encourage young children to hide a celebrity in their house, without their parents knowing, for 2 days, if they succeed, they will win a wheelbarrow full of prizes.

So why did this enrage me...

Well here's why,  firstly no child should be encouraged to hide anything from their parents, this is the kind of technique that paedophiles use with their victims, by convincing the child not to tell their parents? in today's world should the BBC be encouraging children to hide adults in their bedrooms.

secondly, recently I heard a story in the news about a teenager that had a paedophile living under a bed for 3 months while abusing them, all this without the parents knowing.

well this  program immediately caused me to complain to the BBC, so I got on the web site and got hold of the complaints line number 08700 100 222, and registered my views, while just about remaining calm.

I also asked for a response by telephone, as when you do this by email, you cannot respond back again.

I will comment when i get a reply, keep a look out on this blog

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